Aunty Social – Aunty Depressants

Aunty Social

‘Aunty Depressants’ is the new single from Aunty Social, the psedonym of Toronto-based artist Daniela Gitto. The single is taken from Gitto’s upcoming ‘It Looks Friendly’ EP which is out on September 24th and follows on from the release of fellow EP track ‘Unsmiling’ from earlier this year which has notched up over 19,000 streams on Spotify so far.

During the withdrawals of my antidepressants, I realized how reliant my mind/body were to these pills I had been taking for years. During withdrawals, basic human needs like eating and sleeping became a chore and forced, my emotions only functioned in extremes and in response to the deregulation, I went into a state of dissociation for a long period of time. After producing the instrumental of this song, I needed a vocal melody. I decided to flip through my journal and only found substance in the pages I had catalogued my withdrawal symptoms. These observations helped form the melody while also adding an ironic lyrical spin. It became a love song to my antidepressants, imagined as a lover I couldn’t bear living without” says Gitto of the track.

‘Aunty Depressants’ is the just the latest of the many catchy bedroom pop songs Gitto has released. Upbeat and snazzy tunes, easy on the ears, whilst all the time dealing with personal subjects via the lyrics.

Aunty Social is an artist who deserves to be heard.