Alex Watts – Damage

Alex Watts

Alex Watt’s Damage is an intriguing and enticing release by the Australian artist. There is an ambiance throughout the song that really relaxes you into the song and in Watt’s own words takes you on ‘a stroll through time and space’.

In producing Damage, Watts had the support of Moria McKenzie and Moses Carr on vocals/double bass and production respectively, with both artists really bringing a distinct sound to the song.

Throughout the song Watts and McKenzie’s interchanging vocals, alongside the instruments/synths, work in harmony. The song has a gentle build throughout it and it’s very easy to lose track of time as you get taken away by how smoothly the song progresses. I find it quite appropriate that the last sound in the song is like a little bell going off as if to wake you up from the relaxed state that Damage puts you in.

It’s Alex Watt’s second release of the year following Overnormal. There are some similarities between the sounds used but there is definitely a more laidback and less hard-hitting feel with this one.

A great chilled release with hopefully more to follow!

Alex Watt’s Damage is out now.

Ben Ainslie