Alex Jayne – 90s Dream

This song starts strong with a propulsive beat that establishes the engine of the piece. It’s a more in-your-face approach to indie pop that I appreciate with most of Alex’s contemporaries taking the cinematic, more washy sound. The production on this track is on point through out actually, with rhythmic stop and go bits that really snaps our zoomer-short attention span back into place.

The title is very evocative also, even if the music doesn’t sound particularly 90’s anything, it’s more of a kinda post-80’s-pop type sound (editor: “Which is the 90’s you idiot!”). Alex’s voice is also coming in clean, practically pristine in the genre this song is working in. Typical of songs like these, the second verse is more of an afterthought than anything but that is part and parcel of the genre.

The song as a whole is very tastefully done, and the lyrics and vocal performance work well with the track. Not an absolute banger but I won’t skip this if this comes up on a Spotify playlist match.

Ababil Ashari Winarizal