Abbie Ozard – Crocodile Tears

The last time i heard squishing syllables work as a hook was at R.E.M.’s sleeper hit “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight”, and it works here kinda…which is a running theme when I listened to this track.

It’s really hard to be inventive in the crowded soft-voice-indie-bop-pop market and it seems like the hooks of this single was imported from another song but doesn’t quite support each other.

The vocal hook in the beginning seems to herald the verse, but the verse does a Marvelian bathos and drops the drama. The bass hook is a great little riff ripped from the Death Cab playbook but exists in a vacuum when the Nirvana interval comes through.

The song is very hooky as in its full of hooks, but none that truely build on each other unfortunately…

Ababil Ashari Winarizal