100 – Special Vision

‘Special Vision’ is the new single from Sydney quartet 100.

The opening few notes of the song gives no indication of the scuzzy guitars and post-punk sound that is about to follow. The shouty vocals are reminsicent of other bands making music in the same genre, the Australian twang makes them stand out a little more though in comparison to the numerous UK post-punk bands around at the moment. It really is the guitars that make me love this track though. Full on and fuzzy with buzzsaw chops that remind of early 90’s shoegaze at times.

Talking about the song the bands Rowen Tucker had the following to say –

“I wrote ‘Special Vision’ one day while I was sitting in Sydney’s Hyde Park watching workers retiling the roof of St Mary’s cathedral, I was thinking how nice it would be to have that kind of wholesome relationship that people seem to have with the higher powers – except that the devotion and ritual all seems like pretty hard work, like all things in my life, I want the instant gratification version of that – like burning your toast and it popping out with a perfect image of Jesus or a potato chip shaped like Buddha or something that could spark a connection between yourself and the universe.”

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