Boy Pablo Coming To O2 Academy

Tuesday March 16th – 7pm to 11pm

Boy Pablo

While his career took off in 2017 with the viral, outsider-pop anthem “Everytime,” Boy Pablo’s Nicolas Muñoz has since found himself more connected to his art than ever. While Boy Pablo initially started out as a project just for fun, Muñoz, now 21, has since honed a cohesive, creative vision, becoming a fully-fledged force to be reckoned with in the indie-pop space. His debut LP “Wachito Rico” (October 23) is a testament to his development as both a songwriter and a studio recording artist. Throughout the LP, Muñoz will take listeners through the highs and lows of his alter-ego’s love story, which will be mirrored in an elevated calibre of music videos that go beyond the calling card shore visual of “Everytime.”

Roadblocks aside, a through line of the album is Wachito Rico’s happy-go-lucky attitude that keeps him grounded even when times are tough. But despite Wachito Rico’s presence as a character, the album comes from a personal place for Muñoz, as the songs are derived from the joy and pain he’s experienced throughout his young life. But even the heavier moments―like contemplating a breakup―are overshadowed by a lighter, Carpe Diem-esque tone.

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