Yumi Zouma – Truth Or Consequences

It’s hard to believe it was six years ago when Yumi Zouma first came to the worlds attention with their amazing debut EP, aptly named ‘EP I’. The equally great ‘EP II’ followed in 2015 but despite how good the music was the fact the band members were in Christchurch, Paris & New York respectively, sending each other song parts via email, it seemed impossible that they would get to a stage where they would be releasing a third album, but get here they thankfully did.

Debut album ‘Yonacalla’ was released in 2016 and was followed a year later by sophomore record ‘Willowbank’. We’ve had to wait a further three years for new album ‘Truth Or Consequences’ but one thing you can always be sure of with Yumi Zouma’s music is that it’s going to be dreamy as fuck, and 2020’s offering doesn’t disappoint in that department.

From track one of ‘EP I’, ‘A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers’, to ‘Lie Like You Want Me Back’, the closing track of ‘Truth Or Consequences’ it’s been six years of beautiful chilled music that conjures up the feeling of a warm summers day where you have no care in the world. A drive to the beach in a covertible with the breeze blowing gently through your hair. That’s how Yumi Zouma make you feel. They make you smile.

Yumi Zouma don’t seem to have the ability to write a bad song and ‘Truth Or Consequences’ is an album where you won’t need to skip a track. From the opener ‘Lonely After’, which feels like it could so easily slip on to EP I or II to the aforementioned ‘Lie Like You want Me Back’, you get 10 songs full of charm, from the lush, sparkling music to the pretty, pure vocals of Christie Simpson.

There are nostalgic 80’s moments like on ‘Mirror To The Fire’ and even a slight funky disco vibe to penultimate track ‘Magazine Bay’. ‘Sage’ has a touch of melancholia whilst ‘Southwark’ is one of more upbeat tracks musically on the record. Words fail to do the album justice though, only your ears can do that.

It might still be pretty cold in the UK right now but give this album a spin and let it warm your heart. Yumi Zouma are a band that never disappoint!

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