Wilma Nea – That Rain

Wilma Nea is set to release her new single ‘That Rain’ on April 15th as part of the build-up to her debut EP ‘Issues’ set to be released in May.

This track represents a brave step for Wilma as this is her first time acting as the creative lead, giving herself that space to succeed and fail gives her a chance to experiment and find what really works for her. After the release of her debut single ‘Kolgrand’ in 2019, she’s decided to break away from what she’s used to (backup singing) and start focusing on her career as a solo artist.

‘That Rain’ shows hauntingly hazy strings backing up her gentle and feather-light voice. With groovy percussion and a jazz-inspired tone, the track shows vulnerability in the lyrics and displaces the purest most heartfelt feelings from an adolescent soul struggling with how she feels.

Wilma takes these feelings from her younger self soul and uses them to create a song so mystical it transports you to a place of tranquility and peace.

Much less upbeat than that of ‘Kolgrand’, she gets to really expand her musical ability and showcase her vocal range in a much more gentle tone with less power and more heartfelt fragility. She sings with elegance and grace, creating a beautifully toned atmosphere of peace contentedness.

Wilma Nea’s new single ‘That Rain’ will be released April 15th.

Niamh Christian