Thumper – Topher Grace

After the release of ‘Ad Nauseam’ in February, Thumper are ready to release ‘Topher Grace’, their second single of 2020 on June 26th. The Post-Punk outfit seem to have taken a similar direction to that of their fellow Dubliners Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital with this fast-paced, upbeat track.

Sung with integrity and amplification, the lyrics express self-destructive thoughts and frustration. Accompanied by frenzied guitars and thrilling drums, this song has a roaring sound with a manic rhythm. Taking inspiration from Courtney Barnett and James Murphy, this song is loud, punchy and outrageously raucous.

When asked about the writing process, singer Oisin Leahy Furlong explained that he was wanting to free himself of the songwriting crutches he would usually reach for and replace them with a more considered approach. “It’s a terrifying thing to hone your craft only to tear the rule book up, but the results were very rewarding. I spent the best part of three months writing the song on scraps of paper and iPhone notes, recording several different demos until I plucked up the courage to bring it to the band. It ended up being a very cathartic experience and tapped into a creative space we had never gone before.”

Having had to put their tour on hold, Thumper have been spending as much time as possible in the studio writing and recording new music. 
‘Topher Grace’ is such an energetic, pounding song full of angst, the Irish rock band really brought out their true potential when creating it.

‘Topher Grace’ is out June 26th.

Niamh Christian