Sunken – Show Me Your Mind


London five piece Sunken are hitting us hard with a new single that is a powerful step up from their previous releases. Recognised within the genre of dream-gaze, Sunken’s typically chilled beats are often accompanied by rhythmical basslines and the softly gasping vocals of lead singer Poppy Billingham. ‘Show Me Your Mind’ retains these cool basslines and seraphic vocals, but the song’s faster pace and reverberating drumbeat make this new release more fit for the dancefloor than a solo vibe session.

Combining the lyrical simplicity of up-and-coming post-punk outfit Dry Cleaning and the pulsating beats of synthpop band Working Men’s Club, ‘Show Me Your Mind’ delivers on giving us the urge to move. Though its lyrics communicate the subtleties and quiet complexities of getting to know someone, its instrumentals are far from low-key. The 3-and-a-half-minute tune oscillates between intensity and coolness, offering lulls at which we are able to really feast our ears on the track’s deep bassline.

This new release comes at a time when dancefloors are reopening, and late nights are hankered after. With ‘Show Me Your Mind’, Sunken provide an energising and absorbing soundtrack to the long-anticipated return to night life as it once was. At a time when many are relearning the art of socialising, ‘Show Me Your Mind’ encourages psychic transparency and freedom of expression, through both its lyrical sensitivity and its dance-inducing riffs.

Maisie Gill