Sorry Girls – Bravo!

Sorry Girls

Hailing from Montreal, forming in 2015 – duo Sorry Girls release their emphatic sophomore album ‘Bravo!’ via Arbutus Records.

Whilst I personally tend to not favour slower album openers, I’ll happily put my prejudices aside for the beautiful opener that is ‘Parade’ straight off the bat is one of my personal favourite tracks from this record. If there’s one thing this album does beautifully, in which it does many things, is create a silky, emotional atmosphere for the artists to truly unfold their creative landscape. This isnt something that a lot of artists can successfully achieve, but i’m over the moon to hear that this is something Sorry Girls have mastered.

Keeping with stand out tracks from this record, an honorable mention goes to ‘The Exiles’ for its groovy but seamless groove. There’s something about this track that screams ‘summer’ which makes it so effortlessly joyful to listen to. The guitar work on this song also reminds of Talking Heads by way of creating a catchy, dance vibe.

Speaking on the formation of the record, Kirkpatrick from the group discussed how the songs are “all about self-acceptance, self-affirmation, personal freedom, and letting go,” which I think reflects in the music well – especially where the record touches on freedom with its feel good sentiments and atmospheres. The album is a culmination of different influences with it maintaining an ambient pop, danceable alternative sentiment throughout but isn’t stuck in its ways by setting out to create one sole type of music with country legend Shania Twain even being cited as an influence for track ‘Enough is Enough” which is another great song from the record.

In conclusion, there is no sign of second album syndrome in this record and it is a strong follow up to its predecessor ‘Deborah’.

You can listen to Bravo! out now via Arbutus Records.

Alex Malpass