Sophie Jamieson – Concrete

Sophie Jamieson

Super-talented singer/songwriter Sophie Jamieson will release a three track EP on 1st December 2020. The preview single is ‘Concrete’. This release is all part of Sophie’s return to music after a five year hiatus.

‘Concrete’ is a dazzling, thought provoking and intense piece centred around Jamieson’s powerful, haunting and crystal clear voice.

The song documents a battle between the songwriter’s dark inner self and he more optimistic voice of reason. It details the difference between casually accepting one’s death and the will to pick yourself up and keep going.

This song is a moving piece with levels, more of which are discovered with each listen. Particularly at the beginning you can pick out nods to eighties electronica such as Japan and Laurie Anderson.

This is clearly a talented songsmith with great depth, range and endless possibilities to what she can achieve musically.

Darren Kelly