Sizzy Rocket – THAT BITCH

I was thinking about what song I would need in that moment to get me back on my fucking feet and feeling like myself again” says Sizzy Rocket after breaking up with her girlfriend. The song would turn out to be new single ‘THAT BITCH’.

‘THAT BITCH’ is a confident pop song by an artist who sounds in total control of her shit. It’s a powerful female anthem to sing along to, similar in a way to ‘F.W.T.B’ by Yonaka. “Mother Fucker I’m that bitch” sings Sizzy, making it clear who the boss is.

Musically it has a very commercial sound, radio play will see a lot of editing needed though due to the explicit lyrics. Parental advisory stickers required on this one! If you want a tune to hype you up ready for a night on the town though, ‘THAT BITCH’ will do the job perfectly.

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