Otherless – Murmur


‘Murmur’ is the debut single from Brum based music collective Otherless – and damn, does it hit hard! 

The track opens with a mix of left field noises before diving into some kind of ‘bmbmbm’/black midi instrumentation which certainly adds an interesting texture to the track. The different dynamics of the tracks are to be marveled at too, despite the song just being shy of the three minute mark it doesn’t fail to leave any corner of gritty sound untouched… One minute it feels quite gritty, the next psychedelic and so on and so forth. It may sound like quite a weird concept – but know that the execution of the idea works excellently!

The single is the first to be released from the ‘Unkult’ collective label, a project born out of a desire to share creativity and passion for music. I really do think this is a great idea, especially since Birmingham doesn’t explicitly seem to have the same kind of music scenes that cities such as Manchester and London possess – perhaps this is the exciting start of something new?

Overall, Otherless’ ‘Murmur’ is a very dark and interesting track with an even more compelling vision. It will be very interesting to see where the band take this concept in the future.

Alex Malpass