Marketplace – Hard 2 Love

The follow-up to debut single ‘Evergreen’,  ‘Hard 2 Love’ is a powerpoptastic new track from four-piece MARKETPLACE, with a video that ranges from The King Johns Tavern and Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in the band’s home town of Hartlepool, via Paris in a flying car and into outer space. The visuals are fun and celebratory, like the song itself which after a distant guitar introduction bursts into life and doesn’t give up for the next three minutes.

The lyric is actually threaded through with a bit of melancholy ‘….the moon will cry in shades of blue….the sun will crack the sky for you…but not I…’ ┬ábut the energy of the chorus overcomes any downbeat feelings ‘….with you, with you…with me, with me… I sometimes find it hard to love!’ Sung with feeling over a concoction of dual jangling guitars and sharpened bass and drums it is as welcome as the distilled essence of summer in a glass.

Mike Wright