LOXZ – Gen Z


Since going to see their gig at The Sunflower Lounge I have been excited to see what LOXZ were preparing to do next, so naturally I was interested when I saw the announcement of their next single, which they had previously played live. ‘Gen Z’ is their latest venture in music and it is the lead single off their upcoming EP ‘Pretty In Pink’, to be released in May of 2023.

The track starts with a very quiet instrumental, which progressively builds into the thumping, punchy verse. With vocals that make you want to shout along, drums that you cannot help but tap your feet or even jump to and guitar riffs and bass lines that give the whole song a fast and excitable feeling. There is so much pure energy put into this song that you cannot help but smile when listening, especially when they get to the chorus and the vocals begin the melody of “My girl was born in 2003/I am a boomer and she’s a Gen Z”. It is this infectious type of vocal melody that you will be singing in your head for days to come even if you just listen to the song once.

After the chorus, the guitar comes in slightly heavier, the lead guitar adding a little more to the riff as they move into the second verse, which is just as, if not more, energetic as the first verse. The entire song builds up your energy so much, it is the kind of song to listen to in the morning when you want to feel excited for a day, especially every time it lurches back into the chorus at full speed.

When the song quietens down after the second chorus, all instrumentation drops out as they sing “2003/She’s a Gen Z”. This is the moment of the song where a slow build up occurs, the instrumentation slowly coming back in as the same lyrics are almost chanted, slowly growing louder. You can already hear the crowd grow more excited during this section of the song, waiting until it erupts into the superb and striking guitar solo. This then leads into the final chorus, keeping the guitar as loud as it was during the guitar solo which just makes the whole last chorus more impactful.

I was lucky enough to hear this song live before it was released and I loved it immediately. I am overjoyed that the official version of the song lives up to the live version I heard in January. The entire song is so perfect to be played in a live setting and you will be able to experience it at LOXZ’s EP release party on the 1st May 2023 at the Sunflower Lounge. Tickets on sale soon!

Isabelle Evans