Lissy Taylor – Summer Rain

Lissy Taylor

Stoke-on-Trent-based musician Lissy Taylor has released new single ‘Summer Rain’, a track taken from her ‘Undercurrent’ EP.

‘Summer Rain’ is an atmospheric track with a tinge of melancholy. Taylor’s honeyed vocals are the main star of the song. She has a gorgeous voice. A nice mix of folk singer/alt-rock artist. The music gives her vocals the chance to shine, playing it’s role perfectly as support in the background, it never threatens to upstage her. The lead guitar hook helps add to the mood of the track though.

Talking about ‘Summer Rain’ Taylor had the following to say:

“When I wrote ‘Summer Rain’, I saw it as a form of self love by getting yourself through a hard time and coming out the other side but with the recognition that its gone but not forgotten. I envisioned it as being stood out in the rain letting any pain be rinsed away.”

Gary Tibbs