Laszlo Jones – In The Morning

Laszlo Jones

From Chaos To Hope, Laszlo Jones Flies Over A Full Spectrum Of Emotions With ‘In The Morning’

Gilles Jan Petersen, aka Laszlo Jones, is releasing his new music video for the single ‘In The Morning’.

Of Lebanese, Dutch and Hungarian descent, Laszlo Jones has traveled the world, lived in many places, accumulating a valuable experience that emanates from his outstanding sounding music.

Freedom and discovery best describe his approach, in perpetual search for expanding his horizon both in terms of music and songwriting.

Rock, metal, pop, soul, indie and electro are the influences of Laszlo Jones, all to be found to some degree in ‘In The Morning’.  

The music video translates the tragic and chaotic as much as it captures hope and love, going hand in hand with the music until the very last note for a stunning result. A definite must watch!

Laszlo Jones:

Charlotte Lucas