Kristian J – Wipe it Off

Kristian J

A bold statement that this LGBTQ+ artist means business, ‘WIPE IT OFF’’ flows freely without a care in the world. At just over two minutes long, the track may be short, but it’s certainly sweet. Fitting perfectly in today’s mainstream charts, it’s Kristian J’s smooth vocals that steal the spotlight. Armed with breathtaking harmonies that create a safe-haven, the beat is by BrazyKey$ (IG: @itsbrazykeys) and the vocal production by Kristian J himself. “YANG-A-CHI” also features previously heard single ‘ON&ON’ which received fantastic playlist placements and streams.

Speaking about the personal new EP, Kristian J shares, “양아치 (yang-a-chi) is a Korean word meaning a punk, a troublemaker. One of those class bullies you always see on TV. On the one hand, I’m not really that kind of person at all, yet it became sort of a nickname for me while I was living in Korea the past few years. While it was all for fun, I think it’s because I chose to live my life differently from other people. I wasn’t afraid to take risks and get into a little trouble. I wasn’t 정상 (“normal”) like everyone else. In the Korean gay community, 양아치 is even seen as a compliment. 

You’re like a bad boy. On the other hand, I guess I am a 양아치 in a way. I decided to name this EP after this peculiar, newfound identity. A lot of these songs are about living life differently from those around you. The lyrics talk about love, sex, identity, and the masochistic torture of chasing after your dreams as an artist. Grappling with these things and coming to terms with your authentic self isn’t an easy thing to do. Unless you’re a 양아치.”