Katie Von Schleicher – Nowhere

With this single, before anything, I hear a hint of Sinead O’Connor as a powerful vocal starts us off. Lead with a strong female vocal this track has energy yet a soft guitar drifts you through to the end.

This feels like something that should, or could,  be on the ‘Drive’ soundtrack – a statement made before I read the artists description of ‘Nowhere’ as “I go out into the night, driving alone.” There’s certainly a 70’s/80’s influence of moody, indie rock here. For a mellow song, it certainly still makes me want to crank it up loud and dance with no particular coordination and to melt into the track, which is easily achievable.

Katie goes on further to say Nowhere is “the line between comfort and the unknown” – and this song wavers between this until the last note is rung out. It certainly sparks intrigue and a desire to find out more from this artist and indeed where Katie is going, apart from Nowhere.

For any Bowie (and admittedly Nirvana) fans out there, listen out for the riff to ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ quietly humming in the background.

Olenka Parfaniuk