Hunger Moon – Promises

With it being four months since any of us last went to a gig a lot has happened and continues to happen. But it is reassuring to know that Birmingham duo Hunger Moon, aka 22 year olds James Attwood and Natalie Jenkins, are still together and making bloody good music.

Their latest offering Promises has a whimsical folky opening before Natalie kicks in with her stunning voice. She could sing the names of her social media followers list and it would still sound great. If her voice was a chocolate it would be Galaxy Caramel.

But Hunger Moon are no way a one person band, James’ multi instrumentalist skills and lush harmonies are very much in effect as the song builds to a swirling ending, bookended by that aforementioned stunning voice.

A three minute gem of a song, Hunger Moon are just as good live as they are in the studio so if gigs do ever resume please check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Mark Wakeman