Dimes – Trickle Down Hate


Dimes release ‘Trickle Down Hate’

Dimes are a four-piece indie rock band from Brum and are set to release their second single of 2023, ‘Trickle Down Hate’, on the 13th October. Their last single ‘This Is It’ was released in March and certainly gives us a flavour, with its wall of sound, of what the band is all about.

Musically they describe themselves as distorted sludge and a rock and roll band. My own view is that there are tangible Birmingham influences from the Streets and the Twang as well as Slowthai. They look and sound as if influenced by post punk heroes IDLES for me with a little bit of ‘Oi’ influences thrown in. Lyrically they are political throughout all their music with a definite sense of the ‘spoken Birmingham’ sound that contemporises The Big Special and The New Consistent employ.

The driving guitars never let up throughout the track and you get the sense that the darker and sweatier the room the more they would come alive. Sticky floors and beer strewn in the air is where these guys surely would perform best and feel most at home?

They deserve to be heard but with spaces for bands getting tougher both via airplay and in physical independent venues, I hope they can find a way to get to bigger audiences as this is the very least they deserve. Great to see The Victoria in the video too, one of those independent venues we all need to cherish and love and where bands such as Dimes can hone their craft.

Play it When?

Play it when you need a reminder just how good it feels to be in a sweaty club, penned in by warm bodies with steam bellowing off peoples heads as you realise you’ve just lost a shoe in the mosh! They could be ‘that band’ if allowed.

John Frazer