BriGuel – No One Really Knows

NYC native artist duo, BriGuel have just released one of their biggest hits yet, ‘No One Really Knows.’ The fresh new track addresses the challenges currently surfacing around the globe. 

Since the couple wanted to create a song that was motivating and encouraging during these times, they collaborated once again with holistic rapper, Andres Gonzales for another one hit wonder. 

The song aims to shed a light on the pandemic and enlighten listeners to never take a single moment in life for granted. Just like COVID-19 creeped up on the world unexpectedly, so can every other situational uncertainty. It is crucial we all take this special message from BriGuel and incorporate it into our own everyday lives. Live in the moment and thank your lucky stars for waking up each morning. Be kind to your loved ones and never underestimate the beauty of life. 

‘No One Really Knows’ is the second hit the couple has launched with a concentration on their holistic and consciousness mindful thinking. Previously, BriGuel released another thought provoking track and documentary, both titled ‘The Difference.’ 

In addition, the music video of the inspiring track carries on the theme of simplicity by displaying breathless clean shots, focusing the viewer’s attention on what is happening in the present moment. The song concludes with the artists showing us that when you are mindful, you are fully in touch with your own reality because the present moment is where reality takes place.

Check out BriGuel’s latest hit, ‘No One Really Knows’ below.

Charlotte Lucas