Beorma – Her


Birmingham Indie/R&B favourites Beorma have returned with the release of their fourth single ‘Her’; a soulful, lovesick breakup track with nods to Prince and The 1975.  Following on from the success of their debut EP ‘Virtual Emotionality’, the duo are back with a song that is as ethereal as it is exceptional.

The duos new single opens with the sound of an alarm clock, perhaps symbolising new beginnings and fresh starts. After a brief spoken word segment (which is accompanied by a delicately lush synth line), we are greeted with elegant vocals drenched in reverb and a swaying drum rhythm.

According to the group, the Prince inspired guitar solo after the first chorus made the track come together as before they felt the structure was not right for the track. As Tom puts it, “It all fell into place after we put the guitar in there and now it is one of our favourite songs.”

The production on ‘Her’ is flawless, complete with little flourishes that make the track stand out. An example of this is how the opening synth line stops just before the drums come in, thus making the beat all the more impactful. I also feel the need to praise the vocal performance of Ferns on this track as it is smooth, moving and gives the track a certain ambience.

‘Her’ by Beorma will be released on July 31st.

Aidan Mcguire