Anna Sofia – No Fun

16-year old Toronto musician Anna Sofia has recently released new single ‘No Fun’ along with a video to accompany the song.

‘No Fun’ is a catchy bedroom pop song full of charm. There is a touch of lounge pop to the bouncy and upbeat music, a slight jazzy feel. Sofia’s sweet and appealing vocals flirt with a lo-fi R&B vibe, allowing ‘No Fun’ to feel like a mix of genres.

Talking about the song Sofia had the following to say:

“’No Fun’ was written after a birthday my friends threw for me. The song started with a cool chord progression I was working on and talking to my producer about the party. During the party one of my friends accidentally smashed a window and no one would own up to who did it – we had to investigate and didn’t find out until the next morning. The next day however, my friend’s house was a literal disaster and I had to clean the whole house and had a terrible day aka ‘No Fun’. The lyric in the song “broke a window and a heart or two,” makes me laugh every time I think back to that night when someone ran up to me and told me about what happened!”

With regards to the video:

The concept of the video is me being pulled through a bunch of different fun scenes with my friends but I’m (obviously) having NO FUN!!!! Sort of like when you get dragged out by your friends and even though you love them, you’d rather be anywhere else. In reality, it turned out to be a really fun shoot because I was with all my friends from school and we had such a good time filming together. When we were shooting the bed scene one of my friends was jumping at the edge of the bed and fell off and knocked literally everything off of the bed side table – it was hilarious!”


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