Andrew Cushin – It’s Gonna Get Better

Thrilling new singer/songwriter Andrew Cushin has been hard at work making brand new debut single ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’. With the help of legendary producer Sean Genocky, who has recorded the likes of The Who, he has been scooped up quickly by major record companies and it’s no surprise why; he has had a cult like support from his home city of Newcastle, showing a lot of promise for such a young talent.

Cushin’s genre and style is very Oasis-esque but with lots of clear folk influences. The sound’s focal point centers around the rhythm based acoustic guitar, and the massive chords he strums along to. I love the rhythm’s he chooses, and the chord changes and progressions used are amazing. It is really easy to hear how Cushin’s surroundings have inspired his music, and the artists and bands that are very prevalent in the north, such as Oasis, Paul Weller and The Beatles.

Cushin’s voice is astonishing. Very powerful and moving and is always perfectly on pitch. His voice is a forceful vehicle for his lyrical content which is very comforting but also emotional and sad. The lyrics have parallels to the economic depression they have had for such a long time in the north east; and that maybe things will get better. However I believe the song has a very straight up meaning of lending a loved one a shoulder to cry on and trying to comfort them.

The music video is based around Newcastle, with many landscape shots showing off the city’s beauty, and the pride he has in the place he calls home. It goes on to show a working mens club that is such a massive part of northern culture. These venues are often many an artists first performance, from music to comedy.

Check him out now before he goes massive! Andrew Cushin is definitely one to watch.

‘It’s Gonna Get Better’ is out now on most streaming services. Cushin’s other song on his debut EP will be released very soon onto Spotify, but is available now on youtube.

Joe Sinclair