Interview – Summon Luke

Summon Luke

Indie Midlands: What inspired the fusion of alternative pop, rock, and electronic industrial influences in your music?

Summon Luke: For the latest release, ‘Conjure’ I was heavily inspired by the song ‘Graveyard Girl’ by M83. I love how that song is so lively and energetic yet somehow washes over you in a soothing way.

Indie Midlands: Can you share more about the storytelling elements in your music and how they are influenced by sci-fi and fantasy realms?

Summon Luke: There have been songs with direct ties to lore and stories within the sci-fi realm. The artwork stems from covers of sci-fi fantasy novels as well as magic the gathering cards. I wouldn’t say it’s a rule that everything from Summon Luke has to be from those worlds, but I like that much of it is.

Indie Midlands: How do you approach the balance between light and dark emotions in your recent singles like ‘Caroline’ and ‘Conjure’?

Summon Luke: Honestly, the darker emotion songs come far more naturally to me. I find that if I’m just riffing on a song, and trying to make lyrics on the spot they’ll tend to be darker. I have to actively try to make something uplifting. I’m not sure what that says about me…

Indie Midlands: In what ways has your sound evolved over the prolific year of EPs and releases in 2023?

Summon Luke: I think solidifying a drummer/bassist/guitarist who all contribute has given the songs a shot of life. Especially live, I feel the music has really taken shape with the addition of new members Mike Stokes, Steven Bustos and Thaddeus Miller.

Indie Midlands: Could you elaborate on the influence of artists like The Killers, Kings of Leon, and M83 in shaping the sonic landscape of ‘Conjure’?

Summon Luke: Any Kings of Leon you hear was from Steven (our drummer). He immediately went full supersoaker in the studio.

And once we heard what Mike was doing during the chilled down chorus section, we all immediately thought ‘Mr. Brightside’. Perhaps others will hear it too.

I’ve already talked about M83, but I’ll say one other thing. Perhaps I have a warped sense of what shoegaze means… but I’ve always felt like M83 should be considered part of the genre. They’re ability to create a wall of noise with synths and guitars is right up there with Slowdive, Sonic Youth, and all the others mentioned within that category.

Indie Midlands: What emotions or experiences does ‘Conjure’ aim to evoke, and how do you achieve that through the intricate instrumentation and vocals?

Summon Luke: I recall wanting to create something uplifting and energetic. The instrumentation and vocals attempt to match that aesthetic.

Indie Midlands: As you continue to navigate your distinct sonic territory, what can listeners expect from your future musical endeavors?

Summon Luke: I was thinking of creating a sort of collection from the songs released this year and in late 2022. Perhaps it could have some bonus content, like alternate versions, or demoes of the material. Later I have a sort of concept EP I’m working on. And I have a handful of new tracks I’ve been developing.

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