Interview – Lisa Ramey

Lisa Ramey © Antonio T. Harris

Vocal powerhouse Lisa Ramey caught the attention of millions following her stint on The US Voice, where she performed on the team of John Legend. Exuding soul-infused fervour in every delivery, superbly countered by her signature rock n’ roll edge that unequivocally captures her roots; the St Louis born, New York-based vocalist has recently returned to the spotlight to take her soulful rock artistry to the next level. Following the release of unplugged, gospel stormer ‘Certainly Lord’, country blues track ‘Jesus Is My Only Friend’, and powerful nod to Black History Month ‘Keep Your Lamps’, Ramey now returns with a welcome addition of hope and joy with ‘You Know’.

Indie Midlands: How did you come up with the lyrics – what do they mean to you?

Lisa Ramey: For this song it was easy. My producer, Joe Capo Kent, asked me questions and I answered them. My answers became the song!

This song means everything to me. When no one can understand or relate to what I’m going through and maybe sometimes I don’t have the vocabulary or understanding to explain what’s happening inside of me….God already knows and understands me. I don’t have to explain it to Him. He gets me.

Indie Midlands: Describe the thought/creative process when planning a release?

Lisa Ramey: It’s a lot of fun! It can be stressful without the right hands helping guide me. I have an incredibly smart team of ppl who help me stay in a creative space while they handle the deadlines. I create a song, record the song and then release it. Just gotta stay on schedule to keep the train moving.

Indie Midlands: What are the key moments that stick out to you when playing ;You Know’ live? Why?

Lisa Ramey: I’ll let you know when I play it live!! I’ve been in the studio focusing on creating and releasing new music. I will say I CANNOT WAIT to get these songs out and on their feet in front of a live audience. It’s my happy place.

Indie Midlands: Out of all of your singles, which do you like the least? Why?

Lisa Ramey: Hmmmm, any song with too many lyrics. My memory sucks LOL.

Indie Midlands: Which one do you like the most and why?

Lisa Ramey: That’s difficult. I’m a nerd and give myself completely to each song. If I said I loved ‘You Know’ today, by tomorrow night I’d love ‘Jesus Is My Only Friend’ more. I’m moody so my mind changes constantly depending on how I feel that day.

Indie Midlands: How do you hope your music has grown with your career?

Lisa Ramey: It’s not a hope it’s a reality! I write about my life and my life is constantly changing. I hope that it gets better and better because I’m maturing in life.

Indie Midlands: What have been your career highlights?

Lisa Ramey: Cirque do Soleil was incredible. Singing solo in a made up language for a rockstar super famous employer while artist defied gravity and death was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had. Singing in front of millions of people live while John Legend and America cheered me on was UNREAL!! But honestly, being able to write my music with a team who believes in my brain tops it all.

Nat Greener