Interview – Dani Grace

Dani Grace © Ginnie Busick

Indie Midlands: Congratulations on your recent EP release, ‘One Version of Me’! Could you share with us the inspiration behind the title and what it represents for you as an artist?

Dani Grace: ‘One Version of Me’ was inspired to be the title of this EP because this release is the first EP I’ve released that steps into the genres of music I create. I have a special love for electronic music, so this EP was for me one of the first steps to evolving into the artist I want to be.

Indie Midlands: How would you describe the overall sound and musical direction of this EP? Did you explore any new genres or experiment with different production techniques?

Dani Grace: I would describe the overall sound and musical direction of this EP as ethereal and modern. This EP had a lot of experimentation, since it is the first release where I’ve done most of the production myself. There was a-lot of play with the vocal styles specifically, constantly adjusting and switching reverb especially. I explored electronic, rnb, and pop genres as these are the main genres of music I wish to create as an artist.

Indie Midlands: ‘One Version of Me’ features a diverse range of tracks. Is there a particular song from the EP that holds a special place in your heart? If so, what is the story behind it?

Dani Grace: Honestly all of my songs have a special place in my heart since they are all written from my own life experiences. However, if I had to choose a favorite it would be ‘Wanted’. ‘Wanted’ was written on guitar, so to see it develop in a pop track is really special and really beautiful to me. ‘Wanted’ was written when I was 17, after a pretty hefty breakup happened due to some tensions around me coming out as bisexual.

Indie Midlands: As an artist, what messages or themes do you hope to convey through the lyrics and melodies on this EP?

Dani Grace: My main hope for this EP is that my listeners have a few moments to escape reality while listening to lyrics they can relate to. I want my listeners to be able to get in their feelings, while also dancing and having a good time.

Indie Midlands: Collaborations can bring a fresh perspective and dynamic to a project. Did you collaborate with any other artists or musicians on ‘One Version of Me’? If so, what was that experience like?

Dani Grace: ‘One Version of Me’ has my first collaboration on this project with Malik on ‘Until We Try’. We connected on Instagram, and I sent him the best for the track, and we got to writing. The experience of working with him and having him be such a big part of my EP is wonderful, and I couldn’t have discovered a better artist for this collaboration.

Indie Midlands: With this EP release, what are your hopes and aspirations for connecting with your audience and how you would like them to experience your music?

Dani Grace: I really would like my audience to have relatable lyrics that give them hope for their future.

Indie Midlands: Now that ‘One Version of Me’ is out in the world, what’s next for you as an artist? Can we expect any upcoming projects or performances in the near future?

Dani Grace: Currently my main goal is to create as much quality music as I can. I’m going to release a few more projects this year, and I’m hopeful to start performing in 2024.

Nat Greener