Interview – A1exo


Indie Midlands: What inspired the Rousing, Playful, and Hedonistic vibe of ‘The Hook Up,’ and what message do you hope listeners take away from the track?

A1exo: One evening after my live show, a girl turned to me and said ‘oh what a night!’ I immediately thought of the classic disco song by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons called ‘Oh What A Night!’

Most people think this song is about having a great night and that’s it.. but… After listening to the original and reading the lyrics, I understood it’s actually a song about a virgin who meets a girl, and has sex with her, and doesn’t even know her name. Lol. And yea, I might have done this once or twice in my life.. I decided to create my own modern rendition of the song.

So, if you think about the subject matter of meeting someone and hooking up, there has to be emotion involved, which would include attraction, playfulness, flirting, arousal, leading up to the moment which, in many cases people would consider a hedonistic act.

I want my listeners to take away emotions of playfulness, arousal, intrigue, exuberance, excitement, indulgence, overstimulation and reminiscence. A great night, a great memory!

Indie Midlands: Your music spans various genres. How do these influences contribute to the unique sound and experience you aim to create?

A1exo: It’s kind of dancy. It’s kind of rock. It’s kind of pop, kind of indie. I think it makes it fun blending all these genres.

Indie Midlands: Can you walk us through the creative process of translating a carefree night out into the music of ‘The Hook Up’? Were there specific musical elements or influences that played a significant role?

A1exo: I wanted to have a memorable, reminiscent feel, which is how the piano opens up, and steps into the beat and melodies & piano runs that tell a story, elicit emotion, and become provocative.

Indie Midlands: ‘The Hook Up’ features instruments like piano, drums, bass, and vocals. How did you decide on these instruments, and how do they contribute to the overall vibe of the song?

A1exo: For now, I am using the piano on most of my tracks. I really enjoy the instrument. It’s so expressive… it’s an entire band in one… you can do bass, melodies, chords, lead, rhythms – so many things.

I also enjoy using real drum kits versus electronic, but I am using dance style kicks and basslines.

As far as vocals, I just gotta do me! I love to write lyrics and tell stories and translate that into singing and songs. It’s fun and challenging for me…

Indie Midlands: With the success of your first release ‘Beautiful Woman,’ accumulating 55,000 streams on Spotify and 17,000 views on YouTube, how has this influenced your approach to ‘The Hook Up,’ and do you feel any added pressure with each subsequent release?

A1exo: It was my first release just over two months ago. It gave me a taste, a lot of experience and feedback. I got a small taste of success and that gives me the desire to do more. I got some great feedback from music professionals, and I learned a lot, and I established my platform, style and sound.

I feel this is an even higher quality production than my last. it’s going to do even better. And I have this great company called Liberty Music PR helping me!

Indie Midlands: You mentioned plans for more music in the coming months. Can you provide a glimpse of what your fans can expect from your future releases, and is there a particular theme or direction you’re exploring?

A1exo: There’s a music video coming for the ‘Hook Up’ so stay tuned for that!

As I am exploring myself and discovering, I seem to do music about love, women and relationships. The next song is a follow up to this one. A continuation, let’s say. I don’t wanna say too much it’s a surprise, but it’s happy, upbeat, fun and loving!

So what’s to come in the future… Definitely upbeat, fun, storytelling, provocative, playful, and arousing. And the next release is taking some Hyper Pop style into account.

Indie Midlands: As an artist based in Miami Beach, how do your surroundings and experiences influence your music? Are there specific aspects of Miami Beach that you find particularly inspiring in your creative process?

A1exo: Miami Beach definitely has an influence and impact on me, my sound and my style. It’s a very hedonistic place. There’s people partying and dressed very provocatively everywhere. Pretty much anything goes here. There’s no rules. People are wild and outrageous. Everywhere you look there’s sex, hot bodies, asses, and boobs. Lol.