SUE Coming To Dead Wax

Friday March 19th – 6pm to 10pm


SUE is more than just another rock band. Beginning in a small home studio located way out in the backwaters of the West Midlands, it was conceived not out of choice but out of necessity. The founder and frontman, Elliot, was itching to create something unique, and drawing from a wide variety of influences he began striking his guitar and shouting his words like he never had before. Fuelled by his passion and ambition he set out to make music that could get an audience to jump around like animals while simultaneously plunging them head first into a powerful and cryptic journey.

Fast forward to the present and Elliot is joined by Miles and Adam, two key figures in both the now and the future of SUE. As Elliot battles his guitar and mixes his chaotic vocals with guttural screams Adam beats the strings of his bass into submission, offering thunderous and roaring bass lines that keep the low end of SUE’s sound booming with character. All the while Miles hammers away at his drum kit with precision and a thrilling intensity, confident and cool headed he holds the foundation together, providing memorable and groove infused beats that add the final touches to the infectious noise of SUE.

Their wails and whines, their distorted tones and frantic rhythms will grip you from start to finish. They embrace the chaos that lies at the heart of creativity, and most importantly they love what they do.

They hope you do too.

Support provided by Sedated Society.

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