Action 4 M.E. Fundraiser

Monday January 27th – 7pm to 11pm

Action 4 M.E. Fundraiser

Genevieve Miles: “When I was 14 I got ill n never rly got better, turns out I have ME. I’ve always found it rly hard to explain cause there’s so many different symptoms but mainly a lot of physical pain & exhaustion so beyond what normal tired feels like (I kind of enjoy feeling normal person tired now!). Ive recruited some of my fav brum artists for a gig to raise money & awareness bc I no longer feel liks it’s something to shy away from talking about w my mates ! I’m so grateful for all the pain so far bc I learn from it every day :)) Time 2 dance- save the date & tell ur mates❤️?”

FEATURING (in no particular order) :
Genevieve Miles
Mr K
Rhianna Keane
Echo Gecco

All kinds of music from psychedelic to hiphop✨✨✨

Suggested donation- £3 on the door

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