Yawn Vibes – Stadium

Yawn Vibes

‘Stadium’ is the summery debut single from Aussie indie rock band Yawn Vibes.

Making use of laid back drums and eighties-pop infused synths over a soothing bass rhythm, this track has me longing for a road trip with my friends at the height of summer. The searing vocals of Taylah Mclean really make this song a joy to listen to, not to take away from the other band members Jess Moyle (keys), Ryan K Brennan (drums) and Christopher Grunwaldt (guitar). Taking their name from a 1990 track by The Bats, it’s clear where much of the musical inspiration has come from for this band.

“We kinda wish we were rock dogs in Dunedin in the 80’s, but we’re not so we took our namesake from our mutually loved The Bats and worked on bringing in our love of 80s NZ bands, kitsch Australiana, and crisp and clean guitars whilst pairing it with driving vocals,” they say.

With a few more years of experience and time to build up a solid catalogue of tunes, Yawn Vibes have the potential to go on and do big things.

Ryan Powell