Wy – Dream House


Malmö Based indie-pop band Wy are back after the success of their second album with a shifted sound and a new single ‘Dream House’.

Since their second album ‘Softie’ gained critical acclaim back in 2019, Wy have returned to the studio under a new label. But that’s not the only new thing about them, they’ve also got an altered focus and a slightly different sound for their next single ‘Dream House’.

Taken from their upcoming album ‘Marriage’ Wy’s latest single is one example of their new work which has been influenced by band members, and long-term partners, Ebba and Michel Gustafsson Ågren tying the knot.

Ebba, the writer-in-chief for Wy, said of the new influences on this track and indeed the new album itself:

“I have always written the lyrics. But this time they feel like our lyrics, and not just my diary set to our music. We’ve talked a lot with each other about what we want to say. About who we are and where we can find our place in the world. The title has been in place since we started, and that was because a lot of the songs revolved around our relationship since we got married. Not so much the relationship between us, but more about the internal conflicts that appear when you’re in a long-term, safe relationship, where you’re really sure about each other, but you’re not sure about yourself”

‘Dream House’ has a real warming feel to it. You can tell, just from listening to the music that this is a couple who’re happy in their relationship and doing what they love.

The track starts with a gentle drum beat before Ebba’s vocal comes through and gives it that warming glow. A real cinematic sound is created by the time you get to hook which just fills the room and transports that warming energy into you.

It’s a real feel-good tune without knowing it. Possessing that ability to change your mood. If you’re feeling blue or lockdown’s getting a bit too oppressive, slap this baby on and just feel it radiate through your body. It’s the musical equivalent of a hot mug of cocoa.

Tom Spruce