Vessel – Movement III (If The Telephone Rings I’ll Be Saved)


‘Passion’ is the new EP from composer Sebastian Gainsborough AKA Vessel. It is released on 18th November and consists of three ‘Movements’. This review is for ‘Movement III (if the telephone rings I’ll be saved)’.

Fair Warning: this EP is not for the casual popular music listener. This is firmly in Avant-Garde territory. Multiple vocalists, complex layers of string arrangements and electronica; this should appeal to devotees of John Cage or Phillip Glass.

‘Passion’ is inspired by the work of Brazilian writer Clarise Lispector and looks at the complexities of the mind and mental health.

Coming in at a tad under eight and a half minutes, ‘Movement III’ is for the committed listener only, and depending on their state of mind should choose to either listen to this piece with the lights fully on or alone in the dark.

The opening multi-tracked vocals are strong, melodious with a classical/gothic vibe. Then come the strings with added sound effects. If a terrifying psychological horror film took musical form, then this is it.

This piece of music is compelling, fascinating and pulls you in different directions at once. It has futuristic aspects to it coupled with some experimental elements from the Sixties.

To some people, it will be a hard piece of music to listen to, as you must be in a particular frame of mind to enjoy it. If you are, then you will undoubtedly revel in its disturbing brilliance.

Darren Kelly