Vero – Heather


Stockholm’s finest distorted noise makers, Vero are back with their latest single ‘Heather’. Right from the begining the tensions in the track start to build before ultimately reaching a shoegaze-d, heavy backbeated climax. One of the greatest ‘stand out’ features on this track has got to be the unique guitar tones, with amplifiers sounding very much like a 60s experimental group. In addition to this, it’s nice to see the band have implemented some trippier, psychedelic flavours into the track making for an interesting atmosphere.

Before long, the chorus – the real heart of the track – literally rips through the air waves. I must applaud this band’s use of dynamics as it really does feel like ‘Heather’ is more of a music story, as opposed to ‘just another single’. Speaking on the themes of the song, the group discuss how the track has built itself around “shamelessly wanting to be someone’s object of desire” and how that can lead to both “the good and the ugly”.

Vero have successfully blended a mix of wonderful styles into this latest single and I shall look forward to their next move with great interest – you should too!

‘Heather’ is out now and can be found on the forthcoming debut album ‘Unsoothing Interior’, due for release on May 6th.

Alex Malpass