Venus Grrrls – Hate Me

Venus Grrrls

With a deceptively stealthy introduction and the dark contemplation of ‘….you hate me and set yourself free…’, this new single from Venus Grrrls is the follow up to the fuzzy distorted noises and wild chorus of ‘Goth Girl’ from earlier this year. That was a track full of creative musical ideas, bold slices of sound and a vocal performance that pushed all before it, fighting the guitars and drums to the end of the two and a half minutes.

Now the new track ‘Hate Me’ finds the quintet on fine form and honing their sound to fully exploit the light and shade between the agitated verses and the enormous chorus. Again clocking in at well under three minutes, this is full of sound and fury with an effective amalgamation of tension in the lyrics and escapist powerpop in the music.

Mike Wright