Union Of Knives – Something In Your Rhythm

Union Of Knives

Coming off the back of a 14 year long hiatus, Scottish electronic rock band Union of Knives have been building a consistent comeback, which started with the rhythmic, trance-like track ‘High on Account of 0’ in August last year. Whilst Chris Gordon continues to shape the group’s sound, there has been a shake up in the line-up since their first era of success in the mid noughties, with Anthony Thomaz and Peter Kelly masterfully inheriting the roles vacated by David McClean and Craig Grant.

Their latest track, ‘Something in Your Rhythm’ is the most recent in their gradual build up to their brand-new album released later this year. What really stands out right from the off is the pulsating drum beat, which truly fits the songs title. This really sets the tone of the track with obvious influences from drum centric world music giving the song a tribal, ritualistic feel. With Thomaz’s guttural vocals being infused with ethereal backing melodies which carry an otherworldly quality. This combined with stabbing, distorted guitar riffs and contrary electronic synth lines sees the track carry a masterful blend of the futuristic and the historic.

Overall, ‘Something In Your Rhythm’ has a decidedly unsettling, almost paranormal quality to it, but this adds to the intrigue making it one that you can’t help but listen to again and again, ensnared in some form of pagan ritual out of a science-fiction novel. The lyric “Something in the Rhythm Won’t let me Quit” certainly conjures images of dancing around a fire in a drug induced madness. The ability to effortlessly combine a variety of genres and instruments is a gift that this trio undoubtedly possess. They have captured my imagination so keenly that they have found themselves another fan eager to listen to their new album next month as well as trawl through their back catalogue.

Nico Pickard