Total Rubbish – What’s Your Damage

‘What’s Your Damage’ is the new single from three-piece all-female rock band ‘Total Rubbish’. Despite hailing from Philadelphia, USA, they take some of the inspiration for their sound from mid-90s British psych rock… think Elastica, or even the similarly named Garbage.

Comparisons aside, Total Rubbish are brilliant in their own right. ‘What’s Your Damage’ is about the most confusing relationship of your life – he’s blowing hot air, then cold air. Then combine that with a splash of emotional angst and a slightly poppier sound. This could easily be the soundtrack to a messy night out – this song makes me want to get up, dance, make a few mistakes and have a great time.

The subtle vocals combine brilliantly with the guitar riffs and almost work to enhance the sound of the instrument. At under 2:30, this song packs a punch in a way which a longer track wouldn’t be able to. This is a brilliant taster for their upcoming debut EP, ‘Triple Negative’, which is coming out on November 20th.

Ryan Powell