Temptress – Right Here


London duo Temptress are coolly throwing it back to the 90s with their R&B-inspired single ‘Right Here’. Home-grown beats and smooth vocals combine in a stylish homage to classic 90s song-writing, and the track is filled with (not-so-discreet) references to the duo’s musical inspirations. The pair, in their irresistibly velvety high-pitch, make sure-fire references to Fugees and Roberta Flack when they sweetly ask, ‘Why you killing me so softly, baby?’. Like much classic 90s R&B, the track refrains from being over-produced, and this really allows the duo’s harmonies to shine.

Temptress comprises Vlad and Jess, both songwriters and producers with a talent for harmonising. The track’s well-established and consistent beat is characteristic of 90s song-writing and music-making, and it provides the ideal backdrop to Vlad and Jess’ velvety harmonies. Vlad’s high-pitched interjections perfectly complement Jess’ own lush sound, and both are supported by a beat which delivers some very chill vibes.

The song’s stand-out feature has to be Jess’ vocals, and it’s in the ever-so-slight lulls in the beat that we are momentarily immersed in their sweet sound. Jess’ voice exudes the same grace and softness as American singer-songwriter Tinashe, whose vocals have been responsible for elevating numerous chart-topping hip-hop and pop collaborations. It’s not difficult to imagine Temptress collaborating with some pretty major artists, and, given their knack for producing beats and harmonies, their new single should receive some well-deserved attention.

Maisie Gill