Tay Temple – Painfully Aware

Tay Temple

Tay Temple’s newest EP ‘Painfully Aware’ eclectically showcases the emotions and developments of a young woman on a journey to promote self-confidence and self-belief. 

We open with ‘Forbidden’ a song telling the tale of a young woman on a journey facing temptation. The genre is that of a pop – folk vibe, with vocals high in the mix. Not out of place on the BBC Radio folk show.

We continue with songs such as ‘Ladybird’, an acoustic led emotional song about the weathering of time and how beauty doesn’t last, eventually ‘colour’ fades over time, as well as ‘Train’ that uses a pleasant loose rhythm track and ‘What I need’, which is carried mainly by Tays feminine high vocals. They are heartfelt songs about loss of love, which can be interpreted by listeners as a place, person or thing and her urgency to regain them. 

To conclude, Tay’s 6 track EP uses various shimmery guitars, drum pads and vocals to carry the story and promotion of self love and growth.

Imogen Mae