Tamara & The Dreams – LO-FI

Former Daily Down Under feature artist and performer at Indie Midlands’ ‘No Means Know Festival’, Tamara & The Dreams today officially releases her first ever music video.

The project of Melbourne based artist Tamara Reichman, Tamara & The Dreams today releases the video to her single ‘LO-FI’, a song that has been out since 2019 and has amassed over 100,000 plays on Spotify. The song is a dreamy bedroom pop track that mixes a touch of melancholia with an upbeat indie pop melody. The guitars in particular are shimmery & lush.

The video for ‘LO-FI’ is the work of Melbourne based artist & animator Gabbie Rossiter.

“One August night at 1am I got a notification that Gabbie had tagged me in a video, and i almost teared up watching the animation she’d created with my first song. Without ever meeting her or speaking to her, she’d created the perfect adorable lofi animation for the song. Within 10 minutes, I immediately asked her to make the rest of the video. Gabbie captured all my favourite outfits, and the feeling of the song perfectly; knowing that things are sad now but they won’t be like that forever, and the beauty you can find in boredom and loneliness, finding a catchy tune in the silence of your mind, or a poetic moment in the stillness, that allows you to live in the moment and get to know yourself better” says Reichman.

“I survived the winter, now it’s pretty sunny, the way the seasons always change my mood is always funny’ has never meant more than now. When i wrote LO-FI 2 years ago i didn’t know how apt my lyrics about isolation, finger-biting, secondhand clothes, and hard Melbourne winters would be. In a way, the way the seasons changed this year caused different feelings than usual- late summer turned to autumn as we came to terms with the new normal, and going into winter was perversely joyful as we were coming out of lockdown. I’ve been content lately to put on my jacket and go for my walks in the rain and call my friends on the phone. but very soon it will be sunny, and we will have survived the winter, again.”

Enjoy the video below.

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