Surf Jaz – I Get By

Rarely does a track’s title sum its sound up as well as Surf Jaz’s debut ‘I Get By’. Although it’s October, I felt instantly warm listening to it. I saw a yellow and blue beach with the laid-back guitar riffs and lead singer Jazmine Kelly’s relaxed vocals. It’s impossible not to sway from side to side, nor is it possible to not feel as happy and content as the vibes the track gives off. This positive energy is part of why I added it to my Spotify on the second listen.

Lyrically, it’s about getting through the ups and downs of life and not really knowing how you do it. The Sheffield based band are planning on releasing three more singles to expose more listeners to their dreamy sound, and are working on making more tracks. I’m definitely going to keep myself updated with their new music because it’s just so good.

Ryan Powell