Sprout – In The Night (It’s Only You I Think Of)


Sprout have released their touching new single ‘In The Night (It’s only you I think of)’, an emphatic, emotional art piece.

Striped back with a mere voice and a piano, it’s absolutely mesmerizing to hear the sheer quality of vocal and beautiful song writing. All too often, this pure form of music can be appropriated and utilised in the wrong way, leaving the listener feeling bored and emotionless. This is far from true with sevenfoursevensix’s latest signing Sprout as they blend glistening, melodic tones with a weeping piano melody.

Inspired by 50’s Jazz icons such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, its clear to see how ‘In The Night’ displays such a meaningful, heartfelt offering that only a skilled songwriter and artist is capable of cultivating as Sprout explores how “the presence of a lover” can help with “crippling bouts of insomnia”.

‘In The Night’ is out now on sevenfoursevensix records.

Alex Malpass