Sonny Winnebago – Lemonade

The perfect recipe for ’Lemonade‘:

prep: long-serving professional’s secret

servings: on repeat

total: 3:24 mins


  • a Welsh-Australian pop troubador by the brand Sonny Winnebago
  • inspirations from Cat Stevens and Harry Nilsson
  • a slice of childhood memories about lemon trees
  • a warm-hued melody 
  • a package of soft vocals
  • some session musicians 
  • lots of instruments like ukulele, woodblock, kalimba, flute, kazoos


Make layers of a warm-hued, catchy melody and fresh, soft vocals of a new age troubadour by the brand Sonny Winnebago.

Add some excellent session musicians and mix all the harmonious instruments properly. The proportions will vary depending on how infectious and uplifting you like your ’Lemonade’.

Season with inspirations from Cat Stevens and Harry Nilsson.

Combine the joyous mix with a slice of childhood memories about lemons. Choose the sweeter ones rather than standard lemons!

Shake it well until it tastes like some fresh and playful avant-garde, perfectly crafted, cooling & poppy ’Lemonade‘.

Serve with speakers or headphones, chill & enjoy!

’Lemonade‘ is out on the EP of the same name since Sept 16th!

Anna Vince