Soft Kill – Pretty Face

Portland five-piece Soft Kill recently released ‘Pretty Face’, the second single from their upcoming November album, ‘Dead Kids, R.I.P City’, the long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s ‘Savior’.

Lyrically and sonically extremely dark and melancholic, with lines such as ‘Relax your pretty face boy, the pain has left you’ being especially haunting.

Band member Tobias Grave says: “‘Pretty Face’ was written immediately after finding out about the loss of our friend Zachary Delong. It recounts some time we spent together on the edge of oblivion, late 2011 into the first weeks of 2012. It is survivor’s guilt pouring out into song form.”

I really like this song because it made me think about things going on my own life. Not one for a party, but definitely one to listen to.

Ryan Powell