Skaly – Vincent


‘Vincent’ is the latest single release from London-based singer-songwriter Skaly.

Skaly covers Don McLean’s single ‘Vincent’ in a haunting and ethereal reimaging of the famous track.

Originally from Israel, Skaly’s vocal is angelic and her accent gives the performance a real uniqueness which is a delight to behold.

Set to the sole backing of a piano, it’s a stripped back and raw performance which allows you to examine Skaly and the range of her talents – which seem pretty boundless at the moment.

McLean originally penned ‘Vincent’ in 1970 after the legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh. It’s widely believed Van Gogh took his own life after a lengthy struggle with his mental health, which caused many living at the time to label the genius as ‘crazy’. However, McLean saw past those accusations after reading about the impressionist-painter for a school project years after his death.  

Covering the track is a follow up to Skaly’s debut single ‘Get Well Soon’. This new release follows in the delicate footsteps of its predecessor, which the Londoner created as an ode to those going through their own mental health battles due to the pandemic and resulting lockdowns.

Full of romance and mystery, Skaly’s vocal is poignant. I can imagine the track playing in the background as a couple elegantly wander through a choreographed dance routine. Telling the story of ‘Vincent’ in an enchantingly delicate performance.

There’s no denying that McLean’s classic ode to a genius is in good hands with this incredible talent. The staging and timing is perfect to allow Skaly to shine, and she absolutely grabs that opportunity with both hands.

Tom Spruce