Skaly – Like A Stranger


A new single from London-based performer Skaly, a follow up to the ethereal ‘Get Well Soon’ as well as a clipped, pointed performance of 1970 classic ‘Vincent’ that stripped the song from its dreamy original into a trenchant commentary on the mental heath of the famous artist.

Now ‘Like a Stranger’ binds the textures of the previous releases together; using Skaly’s gentle piano and additional layers of cello to produce a freeform meditation on the intricacies of the doubts and feelings within a relationship ‘…..get rid of the weight….feel belong to my body….get rid of the weight, my love….’ resolving into the heartfelt admission ‘….I haven’t been there….but I will be there for you now…’.

It is all beautiful, bewildering and completely intoxicating…

Mike Wright