SINNAH – Exist Loud


Swedish singer-songwriter Sinnah is best described as a ‘bubbly fizzly ball of energy’. Back with an exceptional new release ‘Exist Loud’, the single is the title track of her new EP – out the same day. Her sound exudes the kind of spontaneous confidence we’ve seen in artists like Tove Styrke, with a bit of the Scandinavian simplicity and genuine approach to music we know from Maja Francis or Pauline Skott.

Her lyrics embrace a message that’s been taking all over pop music from queen Beyonce to Maja Francis: There is an undeniable power in the vulnerability behind writing about your feelings in such a genuine way. Sinnah gives you an emotional validation that is liberating, even if some songs make you wanna scratch your ex’s car, while others encourage you to let go of everything and just sing way too loud in the shower.

Speaking about the new release, Sinnah shares, “We have a short time on this earth. That´s the reason why we should exist loud while.”