SIKSA + Konstanty Usenko – Kaspar Hauser

SIKSA first came to IndieMidlands’ attention a few years back following a gig at Centrala in Digbeth. The band consisting of Alex Freiheit and partner Piotr Buratyński gave a 40 minute non-stop assault on the senses. A largely unsuspecting audience were pummelled with an array of fuzzy growling screaming sounds from Piotr’s bass, whilst Alex sang, screamed, whispered, danced, prowled, charmed, confronted and unsettled everyone in attendance. It is no mere gig but performance art; and as such the intensity and passion reduced the language barrier to mere afterthought.

Whether true or not the story of Kasper Hauser has all the intrigue and disturbing horror of a nightmare (see link to the Wikipedia page below). SIKSA have written a soundtrack to accompany a new theatre production directed by Jakub Skrzywanek. 11 instrumental pieces of machine noises, discordant recorder, pulsating electronic bass and clattering percussion are never going to be anything but challenging listen. But as with everything else SIKSA do there is an underlying depth and impressive breadth of scope. The rendition of Schubert’s ‘De Wanderer’ is a humourous snafu, like watching kids TV through the eyes of a drunkard. ‘Falkenhaus’ and ‘Sen Kaspara’ are action-movie chase scenes mashed into a dystopian version of Alice In Wonderland. ‘Kochające Serce Nigdy Nie Jest Ślepe’ is Teddy Bear’s Picnic in a psychiatric-ward.

This soundtrack is never going to be an easy listen any more than a go-to choice for your cousin’s up-coming wedding. But it is something you can listen to when you want to go beyond the norm, beyond the verse-chorus paradigm. And the moments of effulgent brilliance and comic wit in the aural hinterland are worth the investment.

SIKSA made the ‘Kaspar Hauser’ soundtrack with polish producer, cellist and writer Konstanty Usenko.